Strategic Sales Management was born through a need to offer a superior strategic way to market for CPG companies looking to build a sustainable brand, share and business over the long term. Our goal is to gain your trust and confidence and work with your organization to build a strategic brand partnership, a sustainable share and a strong foothold in your respective category. Many start up companies are a life’s dreams for the owners/founders and these pioneers need help to develop their businesses, gain and maintain a sustainable share, and to reach their full potential. These companies are developing new innovative products and are often the petri dishes of the industry and are on the forefront of new trends. Strategic Sales Management is there to develop the plan through comprehensive research navigate and lead the proven process to get your products on retailers shelves and to the end consumer.SSM will deliver with results driven, passionate, experienced and high quality professionals coupled with syndicated data to map out a truly strategic and highly collaborative go to market plan for your unique company and brand. We will navigate the ever changing CPG landscape and put your brand in a position to win in an efficient and cost effective way. SSM will work to level the playing field against the larger manufacturers who have greater resources and deeper pockets. SSM will provide fact based strategic plans by market and by retailer that will maximize your sales and profits. We provide consulting/master broker services over the long term or work to build sales to a point where a sales team can be hired, trained and the business transitioned to a direct team.

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